Dan Dooley Motor Leasing

Leasing/Hire is becoming a more popular choice for companies in Ireland that want minimum outlay and cost control. With one regular repayment covering all the companies’ risks including depreciation and disposal many financial directors are now seeking lease/hire for their vehicle fleet. Your vehicle is leased/hired to you for a fixed period, 12 to 48 months. Monthly payments are calculated on difference between the initial value of the vehicle and its projected residual value, plus finance charges. This means only a proportion of the vehicle’s value is repaid, which avoids a large initial outlay. At the end of the agreed period you simply return the vehicle. This frees you from additional costs (excluding any excess mileage or damage charges).

Benefits for your business:

  • Use of vehicle without a large capital outlay.
  • The 3 month up front payment can be allowed against your trade in or pay cash.
  • Improved cash flow with fixed monthly rentals.
  • Off balance sheet finance.
  • Rentals may be allowable against taxable profits.
  • Reduced monthly rentals.
  • No worry or risk at the end of the agreement as you simply give the vehicle back.
  • Standard vehicle running costs such as servicing can at an additional cost be added to the contract.